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It is a common saying that a dog is a man’s best friend. However, that can quickly change when a dog bites you. Dog bites can vary from minor to severe. As Orlando dog bite attorneys, we advise our clients to seek medical attention as soon as possible to avoid infections. Having worked as dog attack lawyers in Orlando FL, we have seen cases of severe dog bite injuries that are entitled to hefty compensation. If that is what you hope to achieve, you should give us a call.

Dog Bite Laws in Florida

Most clients that Orlando dog attack attorneys have represented did not even know there are laws regarding dog bites. The Florida dog bite laws state that the dog owner will be held liable if their dog attacks people while on public property. However, the charges can be reduced in cases where the victim provoked the dog.

As Orlando dog bite lawyers, we have dealt with varying cases of dog bites. We want to assure our clients that dog bite attorneys in Orlando FL will help them realize the right settlement depending on how the attack happened.

What Orlando Dog Bite Attorneys Can Do

The dog bite law is favorable to the victims of a dog attack. However, victims without legal representation do not always end up with the best compensation. It is why you need Orlando dog attack attorneys who understand the law to represent you. Any good Orlando dog attack lawyers will get you a reasonable settlement to help you pay for medical bills and cover any emotional damages. A dog bite can leave someone scared both physically and emotionally.

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