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Our Largo dog bite attorneys are always dedicated to helping the victims of a dog bite get justice. We will collect evidence and represent you in court. Our dog bite attorneys in Largo FL will also interview witnesses and neighbors to figure out if the dog has had other attacks before. Our Largo dog bite lawyers are always thorough with our case review to ensure you have a strong case before presenting it to the court.

Pet Owner’s Responsibility

Largo dog bite attorneys will file a lawsuit against the dog owner if the dog attacks you. Under Florida law, the pet owner is responsible for the actions of their dog to a certain extent. Even if the dog has never attacked a person before, the Largo dog attack attorneys will still hold the owner responsible.

In certain circumstances, the dog owner might not be liable for the attack if the person was trespassing on someone’s property. To understand better where the dog owner is liable, a consultation with our dog attack lawyers in Largo FL is vital. The lawyers will evaluate the case to help you know what kind of damages you can file for in regard to your dog bite.

You Need Compensation After a Dog Bite

Our Largo dog attack attorneys know that dog bites can be traumatic and painful. For some people, each time they hear a dog barking in the vicinity, it will trigger this traumatic experience. It can also be very expensive to treat dog bites. It is why our Largo dog attack lawyers will ask for medical expenses’ in your lawsuit.

Some people will have to miss work for days because of the dog attack. When this happens, lost wages from the insurer or pet owner will be included in your suit.

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After a dog bite, you might not be sure how to proceed. We are experienced in this sector, let us provide you with all the necessary advice. Talk to our Largo dog bite attorneys to get the right advice.

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