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You could be entitled to compensation if you were injured at the hands of someone else’s dog, and our Columbus dog bite attorneys will work to make sure that you receive everything you are owed.

We are experienced Columbus dog attack attorneys who have successfully worked with many men and women who have been bitten or attacked by dogs of all sizes and breeds. As your Columbus dog bite lawyers, we will lay out a case that proves:

  • You were indeed bitten or attacked by the dog and the incident resulted in injuries
  • Who the legal owner of the dog is
  • That you did not trespass on the property or were in the act of a crime
  • That you did not provoke the dog

These are the crux of any civil litigation involving a dog bite or attack, and our Columbus dog attack lawyers will utilize our knowledge and expertise to get results for you.

Practice caution when you are around unfamiliar dogs

Our Columbus dog bite attorneys have seen all too often, men, women and children injured by dogs that otherwise seemed harmless. It doesn’t matter if the dog’s breed has a reputation for being friendly — dogs of all types can snap out of nowhere.

As Columbus dog attack attorneys, we advise you to be careful around dogs that you are unfamiliar with. Ask permission to pet them and don’t make any sudden movements.

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