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It’s understandable if you are emotionally rattled following a dog attack — getting in touch with San Jose dog bite attorneys to help guide your next steps is pivotal.

That’s why we welcome dog attack victims to consult with our San Jose dog attack attorneys. Our team can help answer your questions, concerns and show you how to move forward with civil litigation.


What to do following a dog bite or attack

Our San Jose dog bite lawyers have worked with victims whose injuries ranged from a laceration to permanent disfiguration. Dog attacks can be life changing and you shouldn’t have to pay just because a dog owner was not vigilant in handling their pet.

If you have been bitten or attacked by a dog, San Jose dog attack lawyers want you to remember:

  • To report the incident right away to authorities. Of course, you’ll also want to call in medical help to assess the extent of your injuries.
  • That it doesn’t matter what property you are on. All San Jose dog bite attorneys would agree that, whether you were on public property, or invited on to private property, the dog’s owner can still be held responsible for the attack.
  • To document the attack. This means taking pictures of the scene and your injuries, filing a police report, obtaining contact information from any witnesses and more.

Our San Jose dog attack attorneys can use all this information to build a strong case in your favor. Essentially, our dog bite attorneys in San Jose CA have to prove that the attack or bite did occur and that the owner is in fact the dog’s legal owner.


Get on the road to recovery with our dog attack lawyers in San Jose CA

We won’t lie and tell you that it’s easy to bounce back from these traumatic incidents, but we can promise that we will do our part so that you can focus on the recovery process. Consult with qualified San Jose dog bite attorneys right now.

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