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Dogs can be a joy to own and interact with, but in the event that a dog unexpectedly bites or attacks you, take action with the help of Jacksonville dog bite attorneys. We have legal professionals with extensive experience working in this area of personal injury law.

Our Jacksonville dog attack attorneys will make sure that the dog’s owner is held responsible for the canine. After all, they are legally obligated to contain and control their dogs so that they don’t cause damage to other people or property.

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Our Jacksonville dog attack lawyers can explain the nuances of this area of personal injury law to you. Many people hold incorrect assumptions about dog attacks. Some people think that the following can disqualify them from receiving compensation for their injuries.

  • They were petting the dog. You are allowed to pet a dog, especially when provided with permission from the owner. If a dog snaps at you while you attempt to pet it, Jacksonville dog bite attorneys can take action.
  • They were on someone else’s property. Just because you are on someone else’s property doesn’t mean it’s legal or fair for a dog to bite or attack you. Our Jacksonville dog attack attorneys work with victims that have been attacked on private, public or even their own property.
  • The dog is not of a traditionally aggressive breed. All dog bite attorneys in Jacksonville FL will tell you that the breed or history of the dog does not matter. If a dog attacks you, the owner can be held responsible.

We have dog attack lawyers in Jacksonville FL that are ready to work with you, helping you file a civil lawsuit against a dog’s owner in the event of a bite or attack.

If you have been on the receiving end of this type incident, then contact us through our online form. Our Jacksonville dog bite attorneys can provide you with a free consultation.

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