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Dog bites and attacks are far more common than many people realize — making experienced Detroit dog bite attorneys a very in-demand commodity. If you have been injured at the hands of another person’s dog, we invite you to consult with our Detroit dog attack attorneys and explore your legal rights.

Did a bite or attack cause your injuries?

As your Detroit dog bite lawyers, the first matter that we must prove in court is that an attack or bite did in fact occur and that you were injured as a result. This means, if you find yourself in this scenario, make sure to document the attack the best you can and inform the necessary authorities immediately.

Your Detroit dog attack lawyers can use medical records, pictures of the scene and more to help prove the severity of the attack and your subsequent injuries.

Holding pet owners accountable

The other primary objective for Detroit dog bite attorneys is to identify the legal owner of the dog. This is the person that is legally responsible for their pet and the damage or injury it might have caused.

As your Detroit dog attack attorneys, we will work to hold them legally responsible for your injuries and aggressively pursue compensation that covers your medical expenses and other financial fallout.

Leading dog bite attorneys in Detroit MI

Never brush off injuries that come at the hands of a dog bite or attack — even if you think that the incident was your fault. Dog owners must do their part in ensuring everyone’s safety from their pet. At the very least, if you are injured in such an incident, talk to some dog attack lawyers in Detroit MI.

We make it easy to connect with some of the leading professionals in the industry. Simply submit a request via our online form and one of our Detroit dog bite attorneys will reach out with more information.

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