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Were you or a loved one bitten by a dog and need assistance from Chicago dog bite attorneys? We can help pair you with the right attorney who is experienced in handling dog bite cases.

Since these tend to be more personal in nature, often involving neighbors or families rather than insurance companies, Chicago dog attack attorneys bring a more personal touch to these sensitive cases.

How you know you have a case

Sometimes, it takes more than just a dog bite to give you legal grounds for a lawsuit. For Chicago dog bite lawyers, a dog owner can be held responsible if:

  • The dog in question had bitten someone else in the past and the owner knew, or that the dog had acted viciously with the owner’s knowledge.
  • The dog was outside of the owner’s property boundary when the attack occurred.
  • The owner acted negligently.

Regardless, getting a free consultation from Chicago dog attack lawyers will allow you to determine if you have a case.

What if there’s no insurance?

As is the case in most instances, insurance companies will try every trick in the book to get away from dog bite cases. Chicago dog bite attorneys can assist you in going after the insurance company and making them pay.

If there was no insurance coverage, you will want our Chicago dog attack attorneys on your side when you go after the negligent party.

What makes a person negligent?

If the owner did not responsibly care for their dog, dog bite attorneys in Chicago IL call this “general negligence.” Also, if a landlord knowingly allowed a vicious animal to live on the premises, dog attack lawyers in Chicago IL can assist you in being compensated from them.

Since they are such sensitive cases, the majority of Chicago dog bite attorneys will be able to resolve the case outside of the court systems. Talk with one of our attorneys right now by submitting your information online.

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