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As much as dogs can be friendly, some can be vicious. Dog bites can easily lead to severe injuries if the dog is untrained. It is why you need Denver dog bite attorneys to legally handle your dog bite case if you need compensation after the attack. With the right dog attack lawyers in Denver CO, it will be possible to hold the dog’s owner responsible. It is after such cases that the pet owner would ensure proper restraint of the dog.

Laws About Dog Bites in Colorado

For those who did not know, yes, there are laws about dog bites in Colorado. According to Denver dog attack attorneys, the state approaches dog bites as either negligence or strict liability. In case a dog bite leads to death or serious injuries, then it is strict liability. However, if the bite does not lead to severe injuries, then it is treated as negligence. Use one of our Denver dog bite attorneys to make sure your case gets the attention it deserves.

I just got bitten, what should I do?

As Denver dog bite lawyers, we recommend the first thing to do is get medical care to treat your dog bite. The medical reports will help show evidence of injuries. Also, ask for a police report. The use of police report helps to provide a neutral party to the case.

Having worked as Denver dog attack lawyers for years, we would also recommend getting a witness or several if possible. Eyewitnesses help your case to ensure no one doubts what you are saying about the dog bite.

Who is at Fault for My Dog Bite?

The pet owner is the one responsible for the actions of his or her pet. Denver dog attack attorneys will contact the pet owners to let them know of the case. If you as the victim provoked the dog, then you will also be at fault for comparative negligence.

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When a dog bites you, it is best if you call dog bite attorneys in Denver CO as soon as possible. Our Denver dog bite attorneys have the necessary experience to handle dog bite cases. Visit us today to get the right guidance on how to file for settlement.

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