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For many, the presence of a dog on a property is scary enough. The worst is when you end up having a dog bite in the process of trying to access a premise. Sometimes it can be a dog in the park whose owner is not monitoring it. In either scenario you can end up with injuries and you will benefit from the services of Lakeland dog bite attorneys to sue the pet owner for compensation.

Who is Liable?

In Florida, such cases follow strict liability law. This is where the Lakeland dog attack attorneys will sue the pet owner for the damages. The owner is supposed to be vigilant with the pet and stop it from harming other people.

Sometimes, dog bite attorneys in Lakeland FL have to deal with the one-bite rule when suing the dog owners. With this rule, the owner will claim it is the first time the dog has bitten someone. If dog attack lawyers in Lakeland FL on the side of the pet owner can prove this is true beyond a reasonable doubt, the dog might get a free pass for the first bite.

Lakeland Dog Bite Claim Calculation

When it comes to calculating the dog bite damages, your Lakeland dog bite attorneys will have to look at the damages incurred because of the bite. Our Lakeland dog attack attorneys will also look at how the injuries affect you right now and possibly the future.

Most Lakeland dog bite lawyers will consider medical expenses as a priority. You might be scared to interact with a dog again, so; Lakeland dog attack lawyers will also file for emotional pain damages.

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Don’t ever underestimated a dog bite. Always visit a hospital to get a medical checkup and treatment. Also, hire Lakeland dog bite attorneys to help you fight for your rights. It is worth noting that we offer a free consultation and many cases are handled pro bono so that you don’t have to worry about upfront legal fees. Contact us now.

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