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If you or someone you know have suffered a dog bite injury, consult with Clearwater dog bite attorneys on how to pursue an injury claim. Some dog bites are severe and need immediate medical assistance. 

Dogs are playful and fun to be around. However, they can become aggressive as well.  In Florida, the law strictly imposes liability on the owner whose dog attacks another person. You need our great Clearwater dog attack attorneys to make a stand for you in this terrifying incident.

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When you hire our Clearwater dog bite lawyers, we will work for your best interest. Furthermore, we will:

  • Communicate with investigators
  • Collect evidence such as photos and medical reports
  • Prove the dog was aggressive
  • Prove that the dog was unleashed
  • Communicate with medical experts
  • Answer all your questions
  • Keep in touch with you

Often, a dog’s behavior is attributed to how it is treated. Pets become more aggressive when the owners are negligent. Dog bite attorneys in Clearwater FL will help investigate the circumstances of the dog attack.

Clearwater dog bite attorneys will review your case during the consultation. We will discuss with you the step-by-step legal process including filling out paperwork to finally holding the dog owner liable. 

If the dog has a history of biting and attacking people, our Clearwater dog attack attorneys will take the necessary step to uncover or identify any other vicious behavior. As a result, you may be eligible to recover more than just compensation for medical bills and physical pain such as punitive damages.

Our dog attack lawyers in Clearwater FL will take the lead and negotiate on your behalf. We can take the case to the court where the judge can find blame and order the at-fault party to pay for the injury or damages caused by the dog attack.

Another option our Clearwater dog attack lawyers will discuss with you is settling the case. We will inform you of the advantages of resolving the case by agreeing to how much money you will receive. Do not worry, we will be transparent and discuss the disadvantages of settling.

More often, an injured party ends up taking the dog accident to court because the parties could not agree on the compensation. Call us now and let our Clearwater dog bite attorneys help you.

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