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When a dog attack causes severe injuries, one of the most important things you can do is consult with Longmont dog bite attorneys. Dog bite victims deserve compensation. 

What our Longmont dog attack attorneys will tell you is that with enough facts, there is a huge possibility that you will receive the right compensation you deserve. Compensation may be hard to determine, but our Longmont dog bite lawyers will spend time and effort on your case.

Most common dog attack injuries

Longmont dog bite attorneys have extensive experience representing victims of dog attack. Injured parties often sustain physical injuries and emotional trauma. The most common are:

  • Wounds that tear the skin and flesh of victims. This type of injury could lead to serious complications, hence requiring immediate treatment.
  • Broken bones while being pulled down or dragged. The victim may get knocked over and fracture his or her bones.
  • Facial scars that require surgery. The face would often sustain wounds and disfigurement that doctors would need to fix.
  • Above all, victims suffer from emotional trauma. 

 Any of these injuries could easily disrupt the victim’s life, which is why dog attack lawyers in Longmont CO work to help review the case and evaluate the settlement offer. Our Longmont dog attack attorneys are seasoned professionals. 

Dog attack claims can be confusing. After suffering from a dog bite, and scarcely knowing where or who to turn to, you might not even think of reaching out to our Longmont dog attack lawyers to help you file an injury claim. 

Dog bite attorneys in Longmont CO will take care of your case. We take your situation seriously and guarantee that the at-fault party or their insurance company will pay the compensation owed to you.

If negotiation for payment has not been reached, we will represent you in court. All you need to do is give an accurate statement or description of the dog attack. After which, we will:

  • Collect medical reports
  • Prove the attack caused pain and suffering
  • Prove the attack damage to property
  • Prove the attack caused loss of wages
  • Present medical bills and other necessary treatments

Our Longmont dog bite attorneys will investigate all the factors surrounding your case. Don’t wait and prolong your suffering. Contact us today!

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