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When a pet owner’s negligence leads to your injuries, our Charlotte dog bite attorneys will help you explore your legal options and get on a path to pursuing the compensation that you are owed.

Dogs are just like any other piece of property — the owner of the dog is responsible for the animal and its actions. If a dog lashed out to bite or attack an individual, the owner should be held accountable for the incident, including the resulting injuries.

As your Charlotte dog attack attorneys, we will handle all aspects of your civil litigation — from investigating, dealing with the insurance companies and building a strong case that:

  • Identifies the dog’s legal owner
  • Summarizes the incident
  • Highlights the extent of your injuries
  • Potentially will recover compensation for your physical and emotional hardships

Our Charlotte dog bite lawyers come with decades of combined experience working with victims of dog attacks. As longtime Charlotte dog attack lawyers, we know that these instances are a lot more common than most people might think.

Unfortunately, some victims blame themselves, and instead of using Charlotte dog bite attorneys to file a lawsuit, they ignore the incident and their subsequent injuries. As long as you didn’t provoke the animal, or were committing a crime during the incident, our Charlotte dog attack attorneys are here to tell you that you could be entitled to financial restitution.

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Before dealing with anyone else (i.e. the dog’s owner, an insurance company, etc.) talk to our dog attack lawyers in Charlotte NC. We will serve as your advocates and provide knowledgeable insight on how you can proceed with a civil lawsuit.

You can set up a free consultation right now and talk directly to our skilled Charlotte dog bite attorneys. Simply complete our online form here on our website. We will analyze this initial information and reach out to you to discuss it further.

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