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What to do next?

The first thing you might be thinking after a work accident is: what to do next?

If you were injured at work, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Almost all states require employers to have a solid compensation package for their employees. Work accident attorneys St. Petersburg FL ensure the rights of the workers are being protected.

The general rule is that employees cannot sue employers over work-related injuries. On the flip side, employers do not have to prove there was negligence to get compensated. Our St. Petersburg work accident attorneys can discuss this further with you.

There are situations that with impact your ability to receive compensation, such as:

  • If alcoholic beverages or drugs were involved

Let us say that you were intoxicated or using illegal drugs which caused the accident. The injuries you sustained will not qualify for compensation.

Also, work accidents as a result of coworkers fighting, or which happened during the commute to work, are not covered by the benefits.

  • If you were exposed to asbestos

Scientists have concluded that asbestos is dangerous, which is why employers are required to ensure the safety of employers from getting injured by asbestos. If you have been exposed to asbestos and suffering from mesothelioma, hire our St. Petersburg work accident lawyers so we can help you file a lawsuit.

Before filing a claim, it is better to consult with St. Petersburg work accident attorneys first. Our work accident lawyers St. Petersburg FL have experience handling compensation claims. We will help you determine what benefits you should receive.

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