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Be it a broken arm or a head trauma, our St. Petersburg construction accident lawyer are here to make the person or entity at-fault responsible for your accident.

There are strict guidelines regarding construction accidents, which is why it is important that you hire the best St. Petersburg construction accident attorney to take care of your case.

Construction accidents involve personal injury and property damage. Often, the victims are either construction workers or innocent pedestrians.

  • Construction workers

If you ask our construction accident lawyer in St. Petersburg FL regarding filing a claim on behalf of the worker injured, our stance would be you should do it. People who were hired to perform construction site duties and sustain injuries while working might be eligible to collect compensation.

  • Pedestrians or private citizens

This refers to individuals who are unaffiliated with the construction site. Negligent construction operations can also directly affect bystanders or people just passing by.

What can our St. Petersburg construction accident lawyer will tell you about construction accidents?

  • Construction zones

Construction sites must be kept safe for all people, workers or private individuals. Safety protocols such as signage and perimeter surrounding the area should be in place. Failure to take safety precautions simply shows negligence on the part of the responsible party.

  • Cause

The cases our St. Petersburg construction accident attorney has handled often involve the negligence of one party. This negligence then results in a string of accidents that could have been avoided.

For example, the heavy machinery is malfunctioning and the person responsible failed to check. Eventually, it broke injuring the operators. Another example is using substandard materials that cause slips and falls, tripping, and more.

Construction accidents happen every day. From crane breaking to buildings collapsing, our construction accident attorney in St. Petersburg FL have proven skills and knowledge to handle your claims.

Set a consultation with our St. Petersburg construction accident lawyer today. We can tell you what to do next and explain in detail why each step is essential.

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