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Depending on where you work, sometimes there are circumstances on the job that can lead to accidents. Examples include poorly maintained power tools, dangerous heavy machines, oil spills, and much more. It is expected that your company will handle the compensation claim if they cannot provide a safe environment for you to work. Sometimes you might have to use Largo work accident attorneys to push the company to pay for the claim. We are here to help protect your interests after a work accident.

Benefits You Can Expect After a Claim Settlement

Below are some of the claims our Largo work accident attorneys, can help you file:

  • Temporary total disability – this is when the worker cannot work after the injury. The law allows the injured worker to get paid for up to two years after the injury or when you return to work.
  • Temporary partial disability – this includes lost wages, but slightly lower. This is paid to a worker who returns to work after an injury but cannot earn 80% of the weekly wage. So, the insurance will pay the other percentage of lost wages.
  • Impairment benefits – Largo work accident lawyers can also seek impairment benefits depending on the severity of your injury. The greater your injuries the higher the compensation.
  • Medical benefits – as expected, work accident attorneys Largo FL will file for medical benefits. Since medical expenses can rise quickly after an accident, you need the insurance to handle such costs.

Work accident lawyers Largo FL will assess the accident and further determine what else can be filed in terms of compensation. Always hire lawyers experienced in work accident law to receive the best settlement.

No Need to Worry About Legal Fees

Our Largo work accident lawyers will advise you to consider filing for a claim immediately after the accident. Do not wait for too long to report the incident. You will not have to worry about legal fees for a case evaluation.  Your Largo work accident attorneys get paid when you get your settlement. Contact us today.

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