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Work injuries are typically compensated by the company’s workers’ compensation insurance, but if the compensation you are receiving isn’t enough to cover your medical expenses, you might want to talk to our St. George work accident attorneys as soon as possible. There is a short period in which you can report the injury you’ve sustained in your work for you to receive workers’ compensation. If you are worried that the financial assistance that you are seeking will not be granted, or that the injury you have is severe, you might want to discuss your options with our St. George work accident lawyers.

What to Do After an Accident

Our St. George work accident attorneys will recommend that you inform your employer about the accident that you are involved on the job. Even if you stepped away from the accident without any serious injuries, informing your boss about the situation may push them to rethink the safety measures that they are enforcing in their place of business. Reporting the incident as soon as possible will also protect you in the event the symptoms of your injuries do not appear weeks or even months after the accident. Our work accident attorneys St. George UT know that dealing with work injuries is not going to be easy, but we will make the filing for compensation go smoothly because we are well versed in this field.

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Never deal with insurance companies on your own, especially when it comes to filing for claims for injuries at work. Our St. George work accident lawyers should be consulted first so you will get an idea on what to expect during the process. And if you find yourself being short-changed by the company, our expert St. George work accident attorneys will make sure that you get the justice you deserve by handling your case right from the start. Contact us today!

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