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If you are renting a home, apartment or other residence and find yourself clashing with a landlord over a legal matter, then turn to the experienced San Diego tenant attorneys on our team.

We have legal professionals that can work to resolve issues that come between both residents and landlords. We have San Diego landlord attorneys to represent the individual or party that is leasing out the property and also San Diego tenant lawyers to go to bat for the renters.


Why San Diego landlord lawyers are necessary

The relationship between a tenant and landlord can be an imperfect one. Both are bound by a contract and state laws to act in a certain matter. When either side decides to violate their obligations, our landlord attorneys in San Diego CA can get involved.

These landlord and tenant attorneys in San Diego CA handle such matters as:

  • Lease agreements: Landlords can work with our team to draft a lease agreement that is in accordance with the law and will hold up if its ever contested in a court of law.
  • Evictions: Our San Diego tenant attorneys can work with clients who are finding themselves being evicted. Landlords can’t simply throw a family out on the streets — they must follow a certain process and our San Diego landlord attorneys will make sure that process is followed.
  • Living conditions: We can help you take legal action whether you’re a tenant that finds themselves in deplorable living conditions or you’re a landlord and discover that your tenant has completely destroyed your facility. Both sides have rights — and we will protect those rights.

Both landlords and tenants have the right to enter into a transparent, fair agreement with one another without being taken advantage of. If you encounter issues with your tenant/landlord relationship, please don’t hesitate to connect with our San Diego tenant attorneys. Start by filling out our informational form for a free consultation.

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