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You are in a dispute with your landlord, and the property owner is threatening to evict you — now is the time to call El Paso tenant attorneys.

Our team of professional El Paso landlord attorneys can help you work through tenant/landlord disputes, increasing your chances of a positive outcome in court.

El Paso tenant lawyers help you protect your rights in court and can prevent your landlord from abusing the eviction process. You deserve a safe, healthy living environment — and you deserve to be treated in accordance with legal protections in the state of Texas. Let our El Paso landlord lawyers educate you about the eviction process and work with you to find the best resolution.

How El Paso tenant attorneys help you during eviction

Many of our clients come to us after their landlords turn off power, water, or gas utilities because they want to evict the tenants. Some even say that landlords have removed doors or windows, or have even physically removed their possessions.

El Paso landlord attorneys know that your landlord is not permitted to evict you by force — a court order is required. In fact, violating this provision means that your landlord could be on the hook for fines and covering your court costs. Landlord attorneys in El Paso TX take these matters seriously and do not tolerate bullies abusing our clients.

Tenant attorneys in El Paso TX can protect you by making sure that your landlord follows the law during your eviction. For example, landlords must generally provide written notices of eviction, even if you have committed a serious violation of your lease. Different rules exist for tenants with different types of leases, which is why you need El Paso tenant attorneys to help evaluate your rights. If you are having difficulty with your landlord, we can assist. Do not delay — contact us immediately to learn more about your legal options.

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Find Landlord/Tenant Problem Attonery Now