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The relationship between a landlord and tenant can grow contentious, and when legal conflicts arise, we can provide you with access to experienced Detroit tenant attorneys.

Both landlords and tenants have rights, both under state law and within the confines of the leasing agreement. Our team works with both tenants and landlords to ensure that those legal rights are upheld and that the relationship between both parties is a mutually exclusive one.

What our Detroit landlord attorneys have to offer

Our Detroit landlord lawyers can advise landlords on a variety of legal matters. From crafting a legally binding lease agreement to enforcing it, our staff allows you to take the proper steps to creating an iron-clad agreement between yourself and the tenant.

These landlord attorneys in Detroit MI also provide insight when it comes to evictions. Landlords occasionally must evict tenants — whether they fail to pay rent or they are violating the terms of the agreement. Our Detroit landlord attorneys will help you complete the process legally and with respect to the tenant.

Our Detroit tenant attorneys protect renters

As a tenant, you are entitled to a healthy, functioning living space that is free from invasive landlords. Our Detroit tenant lawyers work with renters who find themselves suffering in unlivable conditions or facing skyrocketing rent fees or even eviction.

Our tenant attorneys in Detroit MI are a tremendous resource to have because, often, unscrupulous landlords will try to take matters into their own hands, thus, violating the law in the process. We make sure that your rights are upheld!

Landlords and tenants choose to work with our staff!

If you find yourself facing conflict in a landlord/tenant scenario, then please don’t hesitate to contact our Detroit tenant attorneys. We will collect some preliminary information about your situation and move forward with an absolutely free consultation.

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Find Landlord/Tenant Problem Attonery Now