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Sometimes the tenant and landlord might not be on the same page on matters of the condition of a rental property. With a few disagreements, either party might feel the need to sue the other. Well, do not jump to suing your tenant or landlord before talking to Lakeland tenant attorneys or Lakeland landlord attorneys for advice. This is because some issues can be resolved out of court and save you money in the process.

Why You Have to Get a Landlord-Tenant Attorney

What might make you want to sue your tenant or landlord? Lakeland tenant attorneys feel that if the landlord does not release your security deposit to you, the tenant and the property is left in satisfactory condition, then you have every right to seek justice. Some landlords are known to make it hard to get your security deposit back and having our Lakeland tenant lawyers in your corner will be beneficial.

At times a tenant can complain about safety issues on the premises, and the landlord is not willing to address them. At this point, tenant attorneys in Lakeland FL will advise their client to sue for negligence. These safety issues can lead to injuries if they are not addressed as soon as possible.

Sometimes a landlord also discriminates based on race, religion, or disability remember that everyone is protected under fair housing laws, meaning they can rent anywhere they want. Call our Lakeland tenant lawyers if you find yourself in this situation.

Landlord attorneys in Lakeland FL can be vital for landlords who need help to come up with lease agreements for their tenants. If you do not know much about the housing laws, coming up with lease agreements will be difficult.

Let’s talk eviction. Even if you, as the landlord, have strong documentation for a tenant eviction, you still should consult with one of our Lakeland landlord lawyers to understand how to carry out an eviction properly to avoid lawsuits.

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