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Hold the necessary parties accountable and secure the compensation you need following a dog bite or attack by consulting with our Fort Worth dog bite attorneys.

Thousands of dog bites and attacks play out across the country each year. This might be a dog snapping at a child’s finger or a full-on attack by a large, aggressive canine. Our Fort Worth dog attack attorneys work with victims of all types of instances.

What our Fort Worth dog bite lawyers can do for you

If you have been bitten or attacked by a dog, consult with our Fort Worth dog attack lawyers right away. We will help you take the necessary steps to show that the incident did occur and you were injured in the process.

Our dog bite attorneys in Fort Worth TX will then be tasked with proving who the legal owner of the dog is and also that you did not provoke the animal or were committing a crime when the incident played out.

By establishing these factors, your Fort Worth dog bite attorneys can almost promise success in a civil lawsuit.

Dog owners are responsible for their pets

A dog owner is responsible for the behavior of their pet. Our Fort Worth dog attack attorneys can hold them responsible if the dog:

  • Escapes their property and attacks a person
  • Bites or attacks an individual in the dog’s yard
  • Lashes out at someone while walking in public
  • Many other scenarios

If a dog has caused your injuries, you need to seek medical attention. After that, consult with dog attack lawyers in Fort Worth TX to learn about your options.

You should not be responsible to pay for medical expenses when someone else’s dog was culprit in the incident. Turn to our Fort Worth dog bite attorneys for more information.

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