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Welcome to the home for qualified, experienced El Paso dog bite attorneys. We want to work with you if you have found yourself injured at the hands (or paws) of a dog bite or attack.

Our El Paso dog attack attorneys will examine the incident and work hard to hold the dog’s owner accountable for the injuries and destruction caused by their pet.

If you have any initial questions about your legal options following a bite or attack, then we encourage you to consult with our El Paso dog bite lawyers for free. You can submit a request securely online right now.

Debunking some myths about dog bites and attacks

All too often, our El Paso dog attack lawyers have heard about men and women that ignore their injuries following a dog bite or attack and don’t take any action. This decision is made for a number of reasons, including some of the following flawed ideas.

  • If you were trying to pet the dog, you were at fault: Our dog bite attorneys in El Paso TX are here to tell you that you can still hold the pet’s owner accountable if you were trying to pet the animal when the attack happened — just as long as you were not intentionally antagonizing the canine.
  • You were on the dog’s property, so you forfeit your rights: This is also not true. Our El Paso dog bite attorneys can help you take legal action whether the attack happened on private or public property. The only thing that disqualifies you is if you were trespassing or committing a crime when the incident occurred.
  • Your injuries were only minor: Our El Paso dog attack attorneys have worked with men and women who started with minor injuries, but those injuries got worse with time. Don’t chance it — if you are injured because of a dog bite or attack, take action.

Our dog attack lawyers in El Paso TX are ready to hear from you and help you seek the compensation you are owed for your injuries.

Put qualified, experienced El Paso dog bite attorneys in your corner by contacting our team right away.

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