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Pet responsibility goes beyond feeding the dog, providing shelter, and proper medical care. As a pet owner, you must ensure that the dog does not go around biting people. If this happens, you can expect the victim to use Fort Collins dog bite attorneys to file for compensation. Dogs can cause serious injuries, so Fort Collins dog bite lawyers are essential in helping seek compensation. As a victim, you have several rights to enjoy by law.

What are the next steps if a Dog Bites You

Below are steps to take after a dog bite;

  • File for an incident report. Any Fort Collins dog bite attorney will recommend that you get an incident report from the county animal control department. You have up to 12 hours after a dog bite to file this report.
  • Seek medical attention: as Fort Collins dog attack attorneys, we recommend you seek medical attention as soon as possible. The last thing you want is to end up having other medical issues from a dog bite.
  • Talk to dog attack lawyers in Fort Collins CO. Tell the lawyer facts about your case so you know what your legal options are for the case.

Damages You Can Seek After a Dog Bite

Most Fort Collins dog attack attorneys would advise their clients to seek either economic or non-economic damages in a lawsuit. The economic damages are the costs of medical expenses and any lost wages while at the hospital. Non-economic damages are due for any emotional and painful suffering you go through after a dog bite.

With our Fort Collins dog attack lawyers, we will advise you accordingly with realistic demands for any case you might have.

We Can Help You

Dog bite attorneys in Fort Collins CO do not have to be expensive when a client needs help. It is why our Fort Collins dog bite attorneys will offer you the best legal advice with the first consultation being free. You can now relax and let a professional attorney get you a much-deserved compensation.

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