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Dogs may be man’s best friend, but when you are bitten by someone else’s pet, talking to our Scranton dog bite attorneys will inform you on how best to approach this situation. Dog owners who know that their pets have the tendency to bite, and did not keep them in their homes properly, can be held liable if their dog gets loose and bites. Although most homeowners who have pets will have them insured, discussing your options with our expert Scranton dog attack attorneys can be valuable in the long run.

Bitten By A Dog? What you should do next.

Our Scranton dog bite attorneys recommend that you call the police when you’ve been bitten and take photographs of where you were bitten, what kind of dog bit you, and where it is located. The more evidence you gather the better it will be for filing for compensation. Don’t forget to write down the owner’s name and address since our Scranton dog bite lawyers will need that.  Seek medical attention.

Why Choose Our Scranton Dog Attack Lawyers?

Letting our Scranton dog attack attorneys assist you in this traumatic event can help you understand what compensation you are entitled to depending on the situation. Most of the time, the dog owner’s insurance company will ask you to settle, but our dog bite attorneys in Scranton PA know your rights. Hiring our dog attack lawyers in Scranton PA ensures that you are compensated properly and that, if the owner is found negligible, you can also have the option to sue them.

Seeking professional assistance when you are bitten by a dog in Scranton is the best step to take especially when it will be your story versus theirs. Our Scranton dog bite attorneys will be able to get on top of things to protect you and your rights.

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