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Construction workers around the country are routinely injured on the job site — if you have suffered a similar fate, contact a San Jose construction accident lawyer right away. Our team of legal professionals knows the inherent dangers of working in this industry and the legal obligations that employers assume.

Construction companies are tasked with creating a safe environment for their workers. Even while these men and women are surrounded by large machines and executing labor-intensive work, there are still ways to keep them safe. As your San Jose construction accident attorney, we will determine whether or not your employer took the necessary measures to help avoid accidents on the work site. These precautions can include:

  • Thorough training and instruction
  • Safety guards and mechanisms on all equipment and machines
  • Signage and other prompts that highlight hazards
  • The use of safety equipment (i.e. hardhats, etc.)
  • Safety tethers when working from heights
  • And more

If your employer overlooked or ignored the dangers of the work site, and you were injured as a result, our San Jose construction accident lawyer will fight for you.


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Your San Jose construction accident attorney will only be compensated if you are. That means you can have complete reassurance that our team is invested in your case and are confident in our ability to strike a favorable outcome.

Each construction accident lawyer in San Jose CA from our team is knowledgeable, experienced and has already worked with a long list of construction accident victims. We invite you to tap into this knowledge.


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