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Construction workers are surrounded by hazards on the job site every day, and when these hazards turn into an injurious accident, a Phoenix construction accident lawyer can work to make sure you receive the compensation you are entitled to.

Workers’ compensation is designed to cover the financial needs of men and women that have been injured on the job. However, some legitimate claims can be denied or they move forward very slowly. With a Phoenix construction accident attorney in your corner, you don’t have to rely on traditional workers’ compensation — you can pursue additional compensation from negligent parties that contributed to your accident.


When accidents strike on the construction site

Each construction accident lawyer in Phoenix AZ on our team carries vast experience working with men and women from the construction industry who have been injured on a job site. These accidents and injuries can vary in nature, including:

  • Strained back or muscles from lifting heavy objects
  • Exposure to dangerous chemicals or materials
  • Burn injuries
  • Falls from heights
  • Crushing injuries from heavy equipment or objects
  • Accidents using machines or equipment

Injuries can range from mild to life threatening. No matter the scope of your injuries, start by talking to our Phoenix construction accident lawyer team.

We will take a close look at your accident and collect as much information and evidence as possible. Your Phoenix construction accident attorney will build a case that shows you are entitled to a certain level of compensation to cover anything from time off of work to medical bills.


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