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It does not matter which country it is; construction remains one of the most dangerous industry for a person to work. The various dangers at a workplace are what lead to these construction accidents. You might end up with severe injuries that could limit your quality of life and affect your future earnings. If you find yourself in this unfortunate position your case could use the best Denver construction accident lawyer to hold the negligent party accountable and sue for compensation.

Construction Accident Statistics

In Colorado, the construction business continues to be on the rise. People will always need more houses and office space. It is the reason construction companies are doing so well in recent years. In 2017 there were 19 deaths in the construction sector in CO and many more nonfatal accidents. All construction accidents fatal/nonfatal could use the help of a construction accident attorney in Denver Co to seek justice.

As a Denver construction accident attorney, I have dealt with many claims that often happen because of negligence. You in the construction sector, consider safety as a priority but sometimes companies get sloppy and mistakes are made.

Common Construction Accidents

Below are some of the construction accidents that a Denver construction accident lawyer can help you file a claim for:

  • Falls – since workers often work from high heights, they are at risk of falling. This can include ladders, roofs, and scaffolds etc.
  • Being struck by a falling object – being at a construction site, you can sometimes expect things to fall. There is a need for proper securing of the site to avoid such accidents.
  • Electrocutions – any electrical wiring should be done correctly to avoid electrocuting the workers
  • And More

There are many more scenarios than what is mentioned above and a construction accident lawyer in Denver CO will be able to help you understand the merits of your case.

For the best outcome of your case, talk to us today. We will assign you a trusted Denver construction accident lawyer to work on your case. This should boost your confidence in ending up with the best compensation so call a Denver construction accident attorney today.

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