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The construction industry is one of the most dangerous jobs today, so when you find yourself injured because of your work in a construction company, you will need an Erie construction accident lawyer to defend your rights. The federal government has created a detailed list of safety regulations for construction sites to prevent injuries and accidents, but there may be companies who are more interested in profits which can put their workers in danger. Our Erie construction accident attorney is experienced and trained to assess each case to determine if there is negligence on the owner’s side or if there are other factors that contributed to the accident.

Common Construction Site Accidents

Consulting our Erie construction accident lawyer can help you determine the steps you can take to get the compensation due to you. Among the common construction site accidents that can occur include falling from ladders, scaffolding, and platforms, getting electrocuted, being hit by an unsecured falling object, slip and fall accidents, and even crush injuries just to name a few. Whatever type of injury you have sustained during your construction accident, you can rely on our Erie construction accident attorney to find out if there was negligence on anyone’s part. Our construction accident lawyer in Erie PA has the resources and the knowledge needed to determine how to approach your case to get the best results.

Expert Construction Accident Attorney in Erie PA

If your injuries sustained in a construction site are due to the negligence of the company, a defective product, or because of other people at the company, you will need someone to represent your rights to get compensated. Injuries can mean loss of wages, expensive medical bills and, if your injury is severe, loss of ability to earn money in the future. Our Erie construction accident lawyer will review your case, to find information and evidence, and file a case against those who were negligent.

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