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If you have been injured on the job at a construction site, stand up for your legal rights with a Detroit construction accident lawyer. Too often, these injuries and their subsequent expenses get swept under the rug and forgotten.

Don’t let this happen to you. Your employer is responsible to maintain a safe work environment, and when their negligence — or the negligence or another person or party — leads to an injurious accident, you might be owed compensation.

Take on your employer and their insurance company with a Detroit construction accident attorney

Having professional legal advisement in your corner is important. Large companies and their insurance providers have big-time legal resources on their side — you should, too.

With a construction accident lawyer in Detroit MI from our team, you can be aggressive in your pursuit of compensation. Whether you go through workers’ compensation insurance to cover expenses for things like medical bills or time away from work, or you are forced to file a civil lawsuit, a construction accident attorney in Detroit MI is a must.


What to do after an accident

As an experienced Detroit construction accident lawyer, we know the importance of documenting the accident and acting quickly following your mishap. This might mean reporting the accident to your employer, gathering contact information for witnesses, taking pictures of the scene and, of course, reaching out to a Detroit construction accident attorney.

By taking action right away, you are maximizing your chances at building a strong case that adequately frames the role of each person or party in your accident.


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