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As a longtime Seattle construction accident lawyer, we personally know the dangers that come with working in the construction industry. That’s why we do our part to work with accident victims and help them recover compensation they are owed in the aftermath of an accident.


Safety is key on the construction site

There are a quite a few ways in which workers can ensure their safety on a construction site. These include:

  • Adequate training: The margin for error on a construction site is slim — making a simple mistake can result in serious injuries. If you have not been sufficiently trained, a Seattle construction accident attorney can get involved to highlight this as a contributor to your accident.
  • Always wear safety equipment: As a construction accident lawyer in Seattle WA, we can safely say that safety equipment like hard hats and goggles are important. Employers must provide you with this equipment and make sure you are wearing them. When they fail to enforce this important measure, they can be held accountable for your accident and injuries.
  • Take necessary breaks/rest: Employers can protect their workforce by ensuring they get adequate rest, hydration and more. As your Seattle construction accident lawyer, we will examine your accident to see if it could have been avoided had your employer practiced a little more care and regard for workers.

Working with a Seattle construction accident attorney is important — you don’t want to take on large companies and their legal teams on your own.

As your construction accident attorney in Seattle WA, we want to make sure your legal rights are upheld and not swept under the rug. Our team is standing by to talk to you about your recent work place accident.

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