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When you go to work, you expect to be in an environment that is safe and secure, unfortunately, as San Antonio work accident attorneys, we know that isn’t always the case. Injuries are sustained on the job every day around the country, with some types of jobs (i.e. construction, manufacturing, etc.) being more hazardous than others.

If you have been injured while at work, consult with our San Antonio work accident lawyers. With a free consultation, they will talk to you about your accident and help you find out if you might have a case.


When am I owed compensation?

Work accident attorneys in San Antonio TX specialize in working with injured employees that have suffered through an accident at the hands of a negligent employer.

It’s the responsibility of the employer to make sure that their workforce is safe. Unfortunately, many employers cut corners in terms of safety, all to save a few bucks to pad their financial bottom lines. This is unacceptable and our work accident lawyers in San Antonio TX will make sure justice is served.

Your San Antonio work accident attorneys will tell you that you are able to sue for compensation when your injuries are a direct result of employer negligence. This can mean anything from failing to provide proper training to not putting safeguards on machines.


Our San Antonio work accident lawyers can walk you through the process

When you try to negotiate your own legal proceedings following an accident, you might be tricked into settling for insufficient compensation or even become convinced it was your fault. Don’t let that happen — have seasoned professionals in your corner.

Submit information about yourself and your recent accident right here. Our San Antonio work accident attorneys will review the information and reach out for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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