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Work accidents are pretty common that is why Boulder work accident attorneys are here to help you recover compensation for injuries such as a back injury or broken arm. We will help you receive money for medical care and lost wages.

Injured by a defective product

An individual injured at work by a defective product should seek the help of Boulder work accident lawyers. The lawyer can help file a personal injury case against the manufacturer if the machine or product is inherently harmful and did not provide proper safety guidelines to the employees.

Work accident attorneys Boulder CO can recover additional compensation for you if:

  • The product was not properly tested.
  • The design and manufacturing process ruined the integrity of the product.
  • The equipment was not properly installed.
  • The manufacturer did not disclose important details about the product that pose negative effects on the safety and health of employees.

What to do after getting injured in the workplace?

There are certain steps you must take to safeguard your life and secure your rights.

  • Notify your supervisor of the injury you sustained.
  • Make a report of the incident.
  • Ask for medical attention immediately.
  • Call our Boulder work accident attorneys for legal assistance.
  • Document details surrounding your accident such as date, time, and how it happened.
  • Take note of the doctor’s diagnosis. This is important to strengthen the case for product liability damages.

In situations like job accidents, consider talking to Boulder work accident lawyers even when it seems you can handle it yourself. Yes, you can handle your own claim, but work accident lawyers Boulder CO will discuss all your rights and sort out your claim.

For this reason, our Boulder work accident attorneys are just one phone call away. We have been fighting for the rights of workers and have handled a variety of lawsuits. Talk with one of our attorneys today.

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