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Work accidents in Pasadena are not uncommon, and if you are having a hard time getting compensated, it would be beneficial to you if you talk to our Pasadena work accident attorneys as soon as you are able. When you’re injured in a work accident because of someone’s negligence, it is important that you follow the legal steps to get compensated for your injuries. Accidents in the workplace can occur if the owner doesn’t practice safety measures, or because of another person’s carelessness or negligence. That said, our Pasadena work accident lawyers will defend your worker’s rights so you will get appropriate compensation.

What to do in a Work-Related Accident?

No matter how the injury occurred, if it happened while you were on the job, you are eligible to get compensated. Even if it is a work-related illness, you are still entitled to be compensated. Any injuries you’ve sustained should be reported to your superior within 30 days, otherwise your right for compensation will most likely disappear. You can consult our Pasadena work accident attorneys if you need help filing for worker’s compensation. If the cost of treatment for your injuries cannot be covered by insurance alone, our Pasadena work accident lawyers will look for a way to get you additional financial assistance. We know that having to deal with your injuries, lost time and wages, and loss of ability to earn income can have a huge effect on your finances. If your company is making it difficult for you to be compensated, or that the insurance company is not processing your claims, let our work accident attorneys Pasadena TX handle it for you.

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No injuries are too small or too severe for our Pasadena work accident attorneys to handle. We are confident that whatever case you bring to us, we will be able to defend your rights. If you are unsure on how to approach your work accident, consulting with our team of experts can help point you in the right direction. Contact us today!

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