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With Philadelphia work accident attorneys on your side, you can seek more than just traditional workers’ compensation in the event of an accident on the job. If your employer acted negligently and it contributed to your accident, you could be entitled to additional compensation.

With the right Philadelphia work accident lawyers on your side, you are able to explore all of your potential courses for action, rather than being pressured by your employer and its insurance company to settle for less.


You have a right to be safe on the job

Our work accident attorneys in Philadelphia PA work hard to ensure that employers in all different industries honor their obligation to provide employees with a safe, healthy place to work.

When employers fail to take measures that protect their workforce, they can be deemed negligent in the event of an accident. Our work accident lawyers in Philadelphia PA can determine, and prove if negligence played a role in your accident.


How employers fail to create a safe environment for workers

As experienced Philadelphia work accident attorneys, we see too often that employers fail to take proactive measures to protect their employees. This can mean the lack of:

  • Proper training on machines or equipment
  • Safeguards on all machinery
  • Safety equipment
  • Rest and relief from the tasks of the day
  • Access to important health resources
  • Eliminating contact with harmful substances
  • And more

In some cases, employers don’t necessarily mean to put employees in harm’s way. In other cases, employers willfully ignore their duties and knowingly put their workers in the path of harm. Philadelphia work accident lawyers can help differentiate between the two.


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