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Enlist the help and guidance of El Paso work accident attorneys if you have been injured on the job. These types of accidents are relatively common — especially in certain physically demanding industries, such as construction and manufacturing.

Also, many of these accidents are avoidable if only employers took all the necessary precautions to protect the members of their work force. When they fail to live up to this obligation, our El Paso work accident lawyers can step in to hold them accountable.

Types of work place accident injuries

As work accident attorneys in El Paso TX, we have worked with men and women that suffered a wide range of injuries. This included, but was certainly not limited to:

  • Seriously strained muscles or back injuries from lifting heavy objects without adequate rest or equipment (i.e. lifting belt).
  • Falls from heights — this is especially true when our El Paso work accident attorneys work with construction employees, many of whom routinely scale tall heights as they work.
  • Crushing injuries from falling objects or equipment. Construction and manufacturing job sites are filled with these hazards and our El Paso work accident lawyers will make sure you were appropriately protected by your employer.
  • Exposure to harmful substances. This can come on the construction site or even sitting at a desk in an office. If you were exposed to harmful substances and could potentially face serious medical consequences, then contact our work accident lawyers in El Paso TX.

The list goes on from there — car accidents (for commercial drivers), electrocutions and more. Our team will analyze your accident and then go to work pursuing compensation to cover your financial needs.

Our El Paso work accident attorneys are available for a free consultation. Fill out our online form and tell us a little bit about yourself and then a member of our team will follow up with you.

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