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Longmont work accident attorneys handle cases involving accidents at work or individuals suffering from an illness acquired at the workplace.

What are the responsibilities of your employer?

Employers have a duty to ensure the safety of their workers. When your employer fails to perform its responsibilities, you can acquire legal assistance from Longmont work accident lawyers to file a case.

Some of the basic responsibilities of your employer include:

  1. Provide a safe working environment
  2. Follow health and safety regulations
  3. Ensure the safety of machinery or equipment being used
  4. Hold employer liability insurance
  5. Provide training on how employees should carry their work
  6. Conduct risk assessments to ensure the workplace, machinery and equipment carry minimal risk.

Should you make a claim against your employer?

It is natural for individuals to feel reluctant to bring a lawsuit against their bosses. One of the reasons behind this is the fear of losing their job. However, you must remember that employers have legal duties to their employees and the public.

In general, any business that breaches its duty to members of the workforce, the injured individual, is entitled to make a compensation claim.

That said, work accident attorneys Longmont CO will serve to protect your interest. Injured workers may experience tremendous hardships like inability to work, facing expensive medical bills, and not being able to support their families financially. Our Longmont work accident attorneys will bring a compensation claim on your behalf.

Our expert Longmont work accident lawyers understand the workers’ compensation law. We will go after the pain and suffering you are going through, as well as the financial losses you have sustained.

To ensure you receive compensation for your injuries, contact Longmont work accident attorneys now. Work accident lawyers Longmont CO can provide legal advice as soon as you pick up the phone.

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