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When most people think about Fort Worth work accident attorneys and lawsuits stemming from job-site injuries, they generally think about labor-intensive industries. These might include construction or manufacturing jobs.

However, men and women from all different lines of work can be hurt or harmed while on the job — and when they are, our Fort Worth work accident lawyers are here to help walk you through the ensuing legal process.

Who our work accident attorneys in Fort Worth TX serve

Work-place injury cases can come in all different forms. As truly experienced work accident lawyers in Fort Worth TX, we have worked alongside some of the following professionals:

  • Construction workers: As mentioned before, this is an industry that is essentially synonymous with danger. Our Fort Worth work accident attorneys have worked with men and women injured on construction sites — ranging from head injuries due to falling objects or broken bones from a fall.
  • Warehouse workers: This is another labor-intensive work environment. Employers are tasked with the legal responsibility to ensure their workers are safe. When they don’t take the necessary precautions, and employees are injured as a result, our Fort Worth work accident lawyers will step in.
  • Drivers: Anyone that drives for their job (i.e. delivery drivers, transportation professionals, etc.) can utilize our services if they are injured in a car accident while on the clock.

The list only goes on from there. Bottom line: If you have been injured at work and you feel it could have been avoided, then our Fort Worth work accident attorneys want to hear from you. Make sure to seek out the necessary medical attention first, file a report with your employer and collect evidence. After that, make sure to contact our team to explore your legal options.

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