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If you’ve had an accident at work that resulted in loss of pay or physical or emotional suffering, then you need the services of competent Chicago work accident attorneys.

Specializing in work place accidents, our Chicago work accident lawyers can help you receive the compensation you need to provide food and shelter for your family while you are displaced from your job. Regardless of who was at fault, you and your family should not have to suffer.

What if workers’ compensation doesn’t cover it?

Work place accidents can happen for any number of reasons. Often, worker’s compensation will cover your losses due to a workplace accident. However, it may not cover the following:

  • Injuries occurring during lunch break, unless on company property
  • Injuries sustained due to “horseplay” on the job
  • Ignoring posted rules and standard operations
  • Independent contractors and undocumented workers

If there is any doubt about coverage, seek out work accident lawyers in Chicago IL. Just because you aren’t covered by worker’s comp, that doesn’t mean your employer can’t be held responsible. Get a free consultation from one of our Chicago work accident attorneys today.

What does “work related” mean?

Simply put, any injury sustained while at work is considered work related. However, there are some extenuating circumstances:

  • If you have a preexisting condition that is worsened by the job, it may still be work related.
  • If alcohol is involved, it could still be considered work related if you were at a company sponsored event. You should certainly get with savvy Chicago work accident lawyers in special instances such as these.
  • Note that mental conditions are treated just as physical, as long as they occur while on the job.

Work place accidents can take weeks, months and sometimes years to fully recover from. That means thousands of dollars in compensation that you have the right to. In order to get your full entitled amount, work with the right Chicago work accident attorneys. Our lawyers are waiting for hear from you — submit our online form and let us know about your workplace accident.

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