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As long-time Fort Worth property liability attorneys, we know that many people who are involved in these accidents try to shrug off their potential injuries. This might be out of embarrassment or the simple fact that they want to avoid conflict.

However, if you have been injured on private or public property, and you feel it could have been avoided with action from the property owner or manager, then Fort Worth property liability lawyers will be able to help you pursue compensation for your injuries.

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Property liability is a very general term for instances where you are injured on someone else’s property. This often comes in the form of slip-and-fall accidents, but can also include exposure to harmful substances, lack of security measures and many other avoidable hazards.

Instead of ignoring your injuries and moving on with your day, get ahold of our property liability attorneys in Fort Worth TX. They can investigate the details of your case and determine if negligence led to the accident and subsequent injuries.

What to do after an injury on someone else’s property

Our Fort Worth property liability attorneys would suggest that you:

  • Seek out the necessary medical attention for your injuries
  • Submit an incident report with the property’s owner or manager
  • Collect evidence (i.e. photos of the scene, contact information for witnesses, etc.)

This information can prove invaluable for your Fort Worth property liability lawyers, who will use it to build a case that highlights the negligence of a certain person or party.

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