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Sometimes you can end up with injuries while visiting someone on their property. You might need to sue for damages for medical expenses. If you end up with such injuries, Lakeland property liability attorneys are here to help seek the right compensation for you. Unsafe conditions can lead to severe injuries, so the injured has every right to sue the premise owner for a settlement.

Obligations of Property Owner

Under Florida law, the premise owner has the responsibility of ensuring the property is safe for all visitors and other users. If the property owner cannot maintain parts of the premise, then there should be enough warnings that alert the visitors on the property. Lakeland property liability lawyers will work on the damages considering the degree of injuries. Sometimes, the property liability attorneys in Lakeland FL will ask for more depending on how you were injured.

Property liability lawyers in Lakeland FL are important, even for trespassers. The Florida law provides less protection for trespassers, but they still deserve legal representation.

Common Injury Causes and Resultant Injuries

Over the years Lakeland property liability attorneys have identified some the following causes of injuries on a premise:

  • poor lighting
  • poor design
  • defective electrical wiring
  • faulty materials
  • building code violations

 If you want to keep the tenants and other users safe, make sure to follow up with timely repairs whenever requested.

The Lakeland property liability lawyers also find these accident triggers to lead to injuries such as broken bones, spinal cord injuries, electrocution, burns, and head injuries. As you can see, these are serious injuries.

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