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Motorcyclists have a bad reputation when it comes to using the road. Somehow, people think riders do not follow traffic rules. If you are a rider and you get into an accident, you need the services of an Orlando motorcycle accident attorney to challenge the insurance company for compensation.

Factors that Can Lead to Motorcycle Accidents

An Orlando motorcycle accident lawyer can represent any type of motorcycle accidents. Below are some factors contributing to an accident.

  1. Less vehicle protection -The fact that a motorcycle does not have as much vehicle around them for protection often means greater personal harm when a careless driver hits you.
  2. Weather -A motorcycle accident attorney Orlando FL will also tell you that bad weather can a factor in bike accidents. Whenever there is rain and poor visibility on the road, a motorcycle is more likely to get into an accident. Weather and Road conditions can make a bike easy to slide or hard to see.
  3. Blind spots – is also a leading cause of motorcycle accidents. A motorcycle accident lawyer Orlando FL is essential to help protect your rights. It is common for a driver to argue that he did not see you before a crash. That excuse is used by many motorists. It is their responsibility to know who is around them before changing lanes.
  4. Distracted/ Negligent Drivers – People can be easily distracted by other passengers in the car, scenery, talking on the phone etc.

Why a Motorcycle Accident Attorney is Important

On average, it can cost a rider $3,000+ on medical expenses after a bike crash. An Orlando motorcycle accident attorney will pursue the negligent driver’s insurance company to settle your medical expenses and more.

Your settlement could also include additional money for lost wages, pain and suffering. An Orlando motorcycle accident lawyer is crucial to help pursue your financial settlement.

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