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Are you looking for a motorcycle attorney that will stand up for your rights?  We understand that no one expects an accident to happen but the possibility is always present. Thousands of motorcycle riders get injured from accidents in Dallas every year and most of them do not get justice for the wrong done to them. 

We invite you to consult with our team of attorneys and tell us about your recent motorcycle accident. We are ready to support you and your loved ones after a motorcycle accident.

What Kind Of Injuries Can Be Sustained From An Accident?

Various kinds of injuries can happen after a motorcycle accident. Most of them have a serious impact on the victims and can change their life forever. The common ones include:

  • Spinal injury: This happens when the spinal cord is damaged after an accident. If not treated quickly, it can lead to paralysis and might prevent the victim from walking forever. We advise you to wear a spinal protector when riding on busy roads.
  • Head Injuries: A lot of people involved in motorcycle accidents suffer injuries to the head after making an impact with the ground. This can cause headaches, concussion and internal bleeding. It is necessary to see a doctor immediately to prevent internal bleeding and traumatic brain injury. 
  • Broken bones:  occurs when bones in the arms, legs and ribs are broken from hitting the ground. It is as serious as other types of injuries and you should see a doctor if this happens.
  • Road Rash: This happens when your body is dragged across the hard pavement after falling from a motorcycle. It can cause bruises, cuts, soft tissue damage or muscle damage.
  • Burns: Victims of motorcycle accidents can suffer burns when the bare skin scratches against the pavement or there is a car leakage from their bike. It can become deadly if not treated immediately.

Why Do Motorcycle Accidents Happen?

Even though many people believe motorcycle accidents are caused by riders, most of them are due to the carelessness on the part of the drivers. Here are some reasons for motorcycle accidents.

  • Speeding: When drivers go beyond the speed limit, they risk crashing into a motorcycle because it is hard to stop when speeding. Many road users forget to share the road with bikers and end up causing fatal accidents whose effects can last for a lifetime.
  • Blind Spot: Motorcycles are hard to spot on the road, which keeps them in the blind spot of cars and trucks. They end up getting hurt car doors or a side collision with cars. Riders need to ensure they stay out of blind spots of the cars around them.
  • Poor road conditions: Potholes, fog and debris can cause accidents as motorcycles do not have a large frame to withstand it.
  • Faulty parts: If motorcycle parts like the engine or tires are faulty, it can lead to deadly accidents for the rider. You should always carry out regular checks on your motorcycle to detect these faults.
  • Reckless driving: Crashes can also occur when the driver of a car is drunk, drowsy, drugged or texting. These reckless drivers cause major accidents that have led to the loss of lives.

What Can I Do To Reduce Motorcycle Accident Risk?

As Dallas motorcycle accident attorneys, we know that most accidents are the fault of reckless driving. However, you can still take actions that would save you from unexpected accidents. The necessary actions are:

Check your motorcycle regularly 

You should always check your motorcycle for rust, wear, tear and gas leakage. Cleaning your windshield every morning will help you to see clearly in the morning fog and avoid dangerous elements.

Wear protective gear

As a rider, you should wear clothes that will shield your body against injuries and reduce the extent of injuries on your body. Some of the gear that should always be on you is:

  • Helmets
  • Spinal protectors
  • Gloves
  • Hard boots
  • Thick leather jackets
  • Elbow and Knee pads

This will give you the safety you need and protect you against falls sustained from accidents.

Practice safe riding

You should ensure that you are safe on all busy roads by obeying all traffic regulations, staying out of the blind spot of drivers, being defensive while riding and drawing attention to yourself at night with audio and light.

What should I do after an accident?

The shock of an accident prevents many people from collecting evidence for their injury claim. It can be hard to come to terms with an accident but it is best to take down information that will help you get the compensation you deserve. Here are the actions you should take immediately after an accident.

  • Take photos of every necessary object such as the documents and plate number of the car, the extent of the injury, the area of any object in the accident scene.
  • Write down the contact information of the driver and any witnesses present. This will help to cement your claim and dispute any arguments that you were the cause of the accident.
  • Do not speak to anyone about the accident so that your words would not be used against you. Avoid talking to insurance companies that only want to give you quick settlement. You should only talk when mandated by the authorities.
  • Call an ambulance for injured persons or go to the hospital immediately if you are the injured one. 
  • Contact an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in Dallas to evaluate your case.
  • Photograph any documents used while filing your claims such as legal documents and medical documents. This will make a strong case if we have to go to court to get you justice.

If you take all these actions, you can be sure that we will give you the legal help you need after a legal accident. No one deserves to suffer financially after an accident and we are committed to doing just that.

What If The Other Driver Is Uninsured?

Not every driver who hits a motorcycle has insurance for their vehicle. While some have comprehensive insurance over it, the reality is many of them have little or no insurance. This can be a tricky situation.

We advise that you get comprehensive coverage on your motorcycle for future purposes. If you can’t afford it, you can get bodily injury coverage to pay for your injuries or property coverage to cover the cost of motorcycle repairs. This will help you to get fair settlement from your insurance company when an accident happens. With our legal help, you can be sure that we will fight it out for you.

What Should I Do If I Played A Part In The Accident?

If you played a part in the accident, we will make sure you do not take half of the blame. The other driver will try to lay most of the liability on you so they can avoid paying the right settlement. We will use all the evidence on our hand to fight your case.

If it is obvious that you played some part, you might have to forfeit some part of the settlement. However, we will try our best to negotiate a fair settlement for you.

What If I Am An Injured Passenger?

As an injured passenger, you also deserve fair compensation for your injuries. If the rider you were with caused the accident, they would have to use their insurance coverage to pay for your medical bills and temporary loss of money.

If it is a loved one who was injured, we will fight for you so that you can receive support after the accident. Our lawyers are also motorcycle riders so they are personally connected to the cause.

How Soon Should I Contact A Lawyer?

You should contact your lawyer immediately after the accident for legal help. If you talk to an insurance company, you might receive a quick settlement that is nothing compared to the impact of the accident. 

With our legal help, you can start pushing for your case as soon as possible. If you let your case drag on for months, it might be hard to get a settlement from the insurance company. On the other hand, it will be easier to get a settlement if you file your claim as soon as you start receiving treatment for your injuries.

Why Do I Need A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Motorcycle accidents are tragic, even if you follow all the safety tips for riding. As your Dallas motorcycle accident lawyer, a member of your team will closely examine the variables surrounding your accident, including;

  • What caused the accident?
  • What person or parties contributed to the cause?
  • What is the extent of the injury?
  • Necessary medical care to help you recover.

All these are the information you need when pursuing a personal injury case against the driver who hit you. When you are working with us, you can be sure you will be working alongside a seasoned professional that is passionate about serving motorcycle accident victims.

Most of our Dallas motorcycle accident attorneys are motorcycle riders, so they know the dangers that come with the lifestyle. You need this type of knowledge and understanding when taking on the insurance companies.

Why Should You Hire Us?

As your lawyer, we’re not only fighting for your cause but we’re also striving to make the Dallas area friendlier for motorcycle users. To achieve that, all the negligent parties who cause accidents must be held accountable.

We will be aggressive in our efforts to hold these parties responsible for their actions while securing you the compensation you need for your complete recovery. Simply reach out to us by submitting your information today.

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