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Injuries from a dog bite vary from mild to severe, which is why you need to consult with Reading dog bite attorneys to learn what compensation is available for you.

Dog bite victims do not have any protection when being attacked. You could just be walking and then suddenly an aggressive dog lunges and bites you. Our Reading dog attack attorneys will take all the legal steps to help you get justice.

Depending on the bread aggression can be a part of an animal’s behavior. Unfortunately, there are instances where a dog attack can cause severe injuries.

Can you sue the dog’s owner after it attacked you?

Generally, the pet’s owner is liable under the law. Our Reading dog bite lawyers know that there are three liability laws to be followed:

  • One bite rule

Under this law, the dog bite attorneys in Reading PA representing the victim will try and prove that the dog has a history of being aggressive towards people. This means that the owner is aware of the dog’s unruly characteristics and should have made all the necessary steps to prevent it from harming people.

  • Dog bite statutes

Reading dog bite attorneys will be able to discuss the dog bite statutes which states that owners of the dog are automatically responsible for damages and injuries done by their pets. However, if they can prove that the dog was provoked to act belligerently, they may not be held accountable at all.

  • Negligence

This rule basically refers to the dog owners being careless and unable to control their pets. For example, the owner knows that his or her dog tends to growl and lunge on visitors, and still did not put it on a leash, thus causing a dog bite accident.

Our Reading dog attack lawyers know each of the laws regarding animal aggression specifically dog attacks. We are aware of the local laws and how-to best handle dog bite cases.

If you or someone you know has been attacked by someone’s dog, our Reading dog attack attorneys will give you several options.

  • Decide what you want to do.
  • For minor injuries, you may not feel the need to consult with dog attack lawyers in Reading PA, but you should. 
  • For serious injuries or fatal attacks, you can file a lawsuit against the owner.

Talk with our Reading dog bite attorneys now to learn about the legal remedies available. We will review your case as soon as possible and determine the best legal option for your specific situation.

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