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As Austin dog bite attorneys, one of the more popular misconceptions that we have found with the general public is that a dog’s general demeanor is considered in these types of cases. Some people think that, if a dog doesn’t display the propensity for violence, then the owner shouldn’t be punished for one seemingly random attack.

In reality, it doesn’t matter if the dog it an intimidating Pit Bull or an innocent looking Poodle, if a dog bites or attacks you, our Austin dog attack attorneys can hold the owner responsible. Dogs are a form of property, and the owner has an obligation to make sure they do not harm others.

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Whether a dog snapped at your finger and caused a cut or was the aggressor in a full-on attack, our Austin dog attack lawyers want to know about your run-in with “man’s best friend.”

Dog bites can lead to some very serious injuries — from deep lacerations that require stitches all the way up to broken bones or even permanent disfiguration. Why should you have to pay because a dog owner wasn’t vigilante in keeping tabs on their pet?

Our Austin dog bite attorneys will examine your accident to determine whether or not the owner is to blame. If they are, our Austin dog attack attorneys will work hard to recover the compensation you are entitled to.

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It doesn’t matter if you were petting the dog when the attack happened — as long as you were not knowingly provoking the dog, you are not to blame for this type of incident. Our dog attack lawyers in Austin TX can provide you with more information.

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