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If you have ever worked at a construction site, then you know the hazards associated with this line of work. Sometimes injuries happen and they can be severe. Any Orlando construction accident lawyer who has worked on construction accidents knows that your injuries can range from minor to server depending on the incident. A competent Orlando construction accident attorney will approach the insurance company for the job site to seek the right settlement for your injuries.

Negligent Parties Should Be Held Liable

In most cases, accidents at a construction site are because someone has been negligent. In such case, our Orlando construction accident lawyer will sue for damages against the at-fault party. So, who should be held liable in a construction accident? A construction accident lawyer in Orlando FL will consider the following parties;

  • The contractors and subcontractors
  • Drivers
  • Architects
  • Property owners
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Insurance companies

Remember that the Florida Statute of Limitations also applies to these construction accidents. As a result, it is best if you consult with our Orlando construction accident attorney immediately after an accident. To avoid complications, consider filing the claim as soon as possible.

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For anyone looking for the best legal representation, then getting a competent construction accident attorney in Orlando FL will be ideal. With our experience in handling insurance claims, we understand the tactics used by lawyers and insurance companies to cut you out of an insurance settlement.

With our help, we have managed to recover millions of dollars for our clients so why not be part of our success story.

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