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When negligence on behalf of truck drivers, carriers and other parties causes you injuries, consult with a Detroit trucking accident attorney, and pursue the compensation that you are owed.

Trucking accidents can levy some pretty devastating injuries. Semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles are generally large, heavy, especially difficult to maneuver and more. That’s why an extra level of caution is needed for everyone involved in the trucking industry.

However, and unfortunately, these parties often throw caution to the wind and it can lead to serious accidents. If this is the case in your situation, talk to a Detroit trucking accident lawyer from our team.

A trucking accident attorney in Detroit MI with knowledge and experience

When you have a case that involves semi-trucks and other commercial vehicles, having a trucking accident lawyer in Detroit MI with a thorough knowledge of the industry is a must.

When you work with a Detroit trucking accident attorney from our team, you can trust that this professional has a firm grip on concepts like:

  • Rules and regulations that govern the trucking industry
  • Spotting negligence in an accident
  • How to tell whether or not truck components were operating correctly
  • Dealing with the insurance providers of these drivers and carriers
  • And more

When you work with our team, your Detroit trucking accident lawyer will not settle until you are offered the compensation that you deserve. This is money that will go to cover medical expenses, replace loss income from time spent away from work, long-term care and more.

Consult with our team if you have been injured in a trucking accident

Your top priority following an accident of this nature is to get necessary medical attention and focus on recovery. We can provide you with a Detroit trucking accident attorney to handle the legal side of the matter while you focus on recovering. Schedule a free consultation with our team and tell us more about your accident.

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