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An experienced Austin trucking accident attorney is standing by to talk to you in the event you are involved in a wreck with these large commercial vehicles. The attorneys in our network work hard for men and women who have been impacted by truck accidents — whether they were involved in the mishap themselves or lost a loved one as a result of the incident.

With our Austin trucking accident lawyer team, we can put our decades of combined experience to work to identify the cause of the accident and subsequently any negligent parties that played a role.


It’s no mystery — trucks are dangerous to motorists

Semi-trucks are inherently dangerous. That’s why trucking companies and their drivers need to exercise extreme caution in order to keep fellow motorists safe on the roads. As an experienced trucking accident attorney in Austin TX, we have seen how the dangers of these vehicles have led to accidents. After all, trucks:

  • Are a lot larger than traditional vehicles (and weigh more)
  • Require a longer stopping distance
  • Can’t make emergency maneuvers quickly
  • Might be outfitted with components that wear out or break

That’s why you need a truly knowledgeable Austin trucking accident attorney — to sift through all the factors that can play a role in an accident and properly diagnose the cause.


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There are a variety of people or parties that can be held accountable for a trucking accident — our trucking accident lawyer in Austin TX will make sure justice is served and that you maximize your chance at recovering compensation.

Start with a consultation with an Austin trucking accident attorney. This is a pressure-free setting in which to get answers and insights to both your questions and concerns. Submit an online request right now and tell us about your accident.

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