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Landlords and tenants sometimes can have a touchy relationship depending on various factors. Landlords might have to deal with tenants that cannot honor the lease agreements, while tenants have to handle a landlord who barely makes repairs to the property. In both cases, Largo tenant attorneys and Largo landlord attorneys will come in handy if they decide to sue each other.

Landlord and Tenant Rights

Largo tenant attorneys deal with cases where the tenant has failed to pay rent for months, and the landlord has had enough of it. This can lead to an eviction. It is why the tenants will need Largo tenant lawyers to represent them even if they are late on rent.

The tenant might damage the dwelling intentionally or negligently. In such cases, the Largo landlord lawyers will compel the tenants to pay for the damages or the cost of repairs will be subtracted from the security deposit amount.

Just as landlords have the right to get paid rent on time, the tenants also require the landlord to provide a suitable environment for living. Landlord attorneys in Largo FL can be necessary when the tenants sue the landlord for poor living conditions. It is when the landlord fails to repair the sewer lines, the building is falling apart, and much more.

Tenant attorneys in Largo FL can also compel the landlord to ensure the common areas are clean and safe. Common areas include the laundry rooms, stairwells, fire escapes, and hallways.

Tenants should not be subjected to discrimination based on race, religion, or gender when they are looking for a place to live. Landlords are also not supposed to discriminate against the tenants because of disabilities. Building codes right now demand that a building should be disabled-friendly.

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