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If you are facing eviction or other legal action from your landlord, you need the help of our Houston tenant attorneys. No one should ever have to be afraid that they will be turned out onto the street because of an unscrupulous landlord.

Legal protections exist to prevent exactly that situation, and our team of Houston landlord attorneys is here to help. Instead of being bullied by a landlord who does not have your best interests at heart, enlist the services of our Houston tenant lawyers to protect your home.

What can Houston tenant attorneys do for me?

You should not have to worry about your family being turned out because your landlord is negligent or malicious. Our Houston landlord attorneys can help you determine whether your landlord is complying with court requirements for eviction.

In some instances, our Houston landlord lawyers find that landlords are illegally evicting their residents by failing to provide adequate notice or even discriminating against tenants.

In addition to dealing with eviction issues, your landlord attorneys in Houston TX can help you if:

  • Your property has been damaged because of landlord negligence (i.e., a flood occurs because of improperly maintained pipes)
  • You have suffered injury or illness because of unsatisfactory conditions at your home
  • Your home is unlivable because necessary repairs have not been made
  • A landlord is failing to make good on promises that were made at the time of rental

Tenant attorneys in Houston TX can help you hold your landlord accountable for maintaining your rental property in a safe and healthful fashion. We can also provide resources to assist you with your eviction, allowing you the time you need to make critical decisions for yourself and your family. Do not wait any longer to resolve these issues — call our Houston tenant attorneys today to learn more about your legal options.

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Find Landlord/Tenant Problem Attonery Now