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Property liability

Property owners have a duty to keep their visitors safe within the premises. In order to protect yourself against a lawsuit when someone gets injured on your property, consult with our property liability attorneys in St. Petersburg FL. 

Our St. Petersburg property liability attorneys will explain your responsibilities and the problems that might occur and how you can prevent them. Here are some tips:

  • Identify dangerous areas

There are three main parts of the house where accidents often happen – stairwells, walkways, and swimming pools. People easily trip, slip, and fall on these areas.

The staircase is a common area where accidents happen. People may fall and get injured due to broken materials. Ensure the handrails are installed properly.

The walkway is being used by numerous people; hence the more likely accidents are to happen there. So, keep the walkway free of clutter, make it well lit, and slip resistant.

Another major area that can be dangerous to people, especially children, is the swimming pool. Children wandering may fall in. Install child-proof fences around the pool to prevent children from accessing it without adult supervision.

  • Install security cameras around your property

If you are renting out the premise, it is best to install cameras around the house, especially on the entrance gate to prevent burglaries and other unwarranted people coming in and out of the property. 

  • Re-read the lease agreement

The biggest advice our St. Petersburg property liability lawyers can give is to re-read your lease agreements and know your responsibilities. Did you agree to take care of broken pipes and wires etc.? 

Our experienced property liability lawyers in St. Petersburg FL understands property liability claims. We can work for the victims or homeowners.

We have the skills and knowledge to win your case. Our St. Petersburg property liability attorneys are dedicated to providing the best legal services to you.

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